Short Synopsis

A young Mother returns to her hometown in search of her missing six-year-old and must face her childhood monster in order to unlock the secret of her child’s whereabouts.

Kaitlyn Stark returns to her hometown of Emerson Falls without much recollection as to why she really left, but when her six-yearold son Milo disappears, her past comes calling for her and the entire town seems to be in on the reunion. As her memories return piece by piece with each horrifying discovery on her search, she learns she must face her childhood monster in order to unlock the secret to her son’s whereabouts and that monster is getting closer. He remembers Kaitlyn well, the one that got away, and this time Jack wants her soul.

Long Synopsis

Jack was a pumpkin farmer who was tricked into giving his soul to the devil on Halloween, and vowed thereafter to return every year to snatch souls from the living to spite the devil. As a child our hero, KAITLYN STARK, came face to face with the man, the myth, the monster, JACK. The ensuing tragedy drove her far from her hometown of Emerson Falls on Halloween 1983.

Now an adult, Kaitlyn struggles with suppressed memories of the events. Her fear takes a heavy toll on her relationship with her 6 year old son MILO, and her doctor suggests it’s time to face that fear. She must return to her hometown to spend Halloween. However, just before the town limits Kaitlyn’s past seems to welcome her in the worst possible way.

Her vehicle rolls along the old country road when - BOOM - a car accident sends her into darkness. Kaitlyn wakes hours later to find that Milo has disappeared. The sun falls on the horizon as she makes her way into the once thriving town of Emerson Falls, now gloomy, and covered in tattered Halloween decorations.

Nobody knows a thing about Milo, but somehow everyone seems to be in on it. To make things worse Kaitlyn suffers terrible pains in her chest that induce visions of Milo. She can feel he is close. Milo’s whereabouts are not the only secret being kept by the town, and when Kaitlyn begins to meet figures from her childhood she pieces together what is happening.

The town is controlled by the monster she fears most - STINGY JACK - the twisted and cloaked jack-o'-lantern clutching shape from her childhood. Kaitlyn is sure he must have Milo, and none of the horrific images she sees or victims that haunt her will keep her from her son. She sets off to face him at the scene of her childhood tragedy...The church. Jack’s lair. Kaitlyn makes her way inside.

Thespace is overrun by pumpkin patch vines, the stained glass windows busted out, and burning jack-o’-lanterns on the heads of religious statues. Kaitlyn navigates through the horrific scene unaware that Jack is lurking nearby. When they finally come face to face she uses her wits to get away and dashes into the church catacombs where she played as a child. Jack chases her through the tunnels into the graveyard, where Kaitlyn is able to lock the exit and bide some time.

It only takes a few moments alone in the graveyard before she comes to the realization that it is not Milo who is lost, but herself. Everyone in the town is dead. She is in limbo. Now Kaitlyn finally gives in to the pain in her chest, and is awakened in a blaze of light by paramedics at the crash site. Milo is there bruised and cut, but safe, and close to her all along. They are taken to the hospital.

Now having full recollection of her childhood, and having been face to face with Jack, Kaitlyn realizes something else... It is still Halloween night. The power in the hospital goes out. Jack appears from the darkness.

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